Every time I attend a Freedom Weekend, Holy Spirit reveals something new to me that I need to release or heal from. It may be less issues or memories that hurt each time I attend, but healing is a process and I believe we are healing throughout sanctification. So that would be my testimony – that you continue to live out a journey of healing and forgiveness, because God wants to continue to make you whole and full of His joy.

Alexis BanksClient

Since I have started attending “Crossing2Freedom” classes and one-on-one sessions with Jan Hicks, I have noticed a tremendous difference in my life. I have seen favor released on my job in such a powerful way. I have also noticed a drastic change in areas like memory recall, ability to think clearly, focusing, etc. After going through this process, I have experienced such a powerful sense of freedom & feel great peace in every area of my life.

Allen FeltsClient

Freedom is what I found.  Spiritually, physically and emotionally. Crossing2Freedom saved my life. Through this ministry, they were able to get to the very root that had held me captive for 60 years. I can finally fulfill my God-given destiny. My purpose has become clear, thanks to Jan & Twila. I have more confidence in who I am in Jesus.  No more fear, no more condemnation, no more depression. I can breathe life now.

Deborah McNairClient

The biggest help I personally received from one on one with you is having the hidden things revealed. There were several, but one of the deepest root issues was my mom hating my dad’s family; constant criticism and judgment as being beneath her and then telling me that I was just like my paternal grandmother. (The only time I felt loved is when I spent time with Mama L. and my aunt.) I hadn’t realized that it added to my feeling of rejection and unworthiness from her because I had stuffed all that down so deeply. When it was revealed and you prayed for me I sobbed for so long. But I was completely healed of that rejection and being worthless. Since then accusing spirits have not been able to defeat me as they had done on a regular basis before. So if I didn’t properly thank you, I thank you now for being so sensitive to Holy Spirit and creating such an environment where it could be exposed.


C2F for me has revitalized and brought fresh reminders and revelation to many areas and aspects of my life that without a doubt needed to be rejuvenated, reminded, and confirmed again of what God has done and continues to do in my life. To say the least, C2F has poured fuel on the fire within me (creating a blaze) to even more so partner with Pappa to be a part of helping those held captive be set free.